Bunker Tips & Drills

Hitting out of the bunker is often very difficult for amateurs, but the pros make it look easy. Learn from our world class instructors and from the pros themselves on how to hit great bunker shots.

Bunkers: Main Topics

Get up & down more often by hitting solid greenside bunker shots. Martin Hall, Andrew Rice & more of the best instructors give you the tools to win those precious sandies from your friends.
Learn how to pick it clean from fairway bunkers from PGA Championship winner Colin Morikawa & from world class instructors on GolfPass.

How Jason Day Hits Bunker Shots

Jason Day takes Tiger Woods through his approach to bunker shots and Tiger asks questions. Pick up a few key pointers from the Aussie, who is known as a phenomenal bunker player, and start escaping the sand with ease.

  • How can hitting a fade help you in the bunker?
  • Learn about the importance of lowering the hands for Jason Day
Common Bunker Questions

What is the easiest way to get out of the bunker?

Bunker shots don't have to be as scary as we often make them out to be. With the correct club choice, grip and swing thoughts you can turn your bunker game into a strength quickly. One key to hitting great bunker shots is swinging much faster than you think you should, which Clay Ballard breaks down in this video. This grip tip from Natalie Filler Sheehan will help you hit a high, soft shot from the sand that is great from short-sided situations.

How do you practice bunker shots?

Fixing your bunker game can be done with fun and easy drills. Natalie Filler Sheehan's Bunker Balance Drill will help you hit through the sand and have a balanced stance, while Martin Chuck's Beach Blanket Bingo drill will improve your wrist control, speed, and trajectory from the sand. Distance control from the sand is also critical and this tip from Andrew Rice will help you improve yours.

How do you hit out of soft, fluffy sand?

Martin Hall gives the best tips when it comes to hitting out of soft, fluffy sand. Two of our favorite tips include the proper swing speed out of a soft bunker, and how to set up your bunker shots. You can learn more about bunker play in Martin's Build a Better Game: Bunkers series.

Ever since sheep huddled together half a millennium ago and left behind sandy scrapes on the ancient links of Scotland, bunkers have been one of the most intimidating obstacles golfers can face. In this series, world-renowned instructor Martin Hall gives you the best tools, techniques, and drills to prepare you for any sandy lie, from greenside traps to fairway bunkers and all hazards in between.
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