golf exercises
golf exercises

Golf Workouts, Exercises & Programs

Here you will find the best golf specific exercises, workouts & programs that will improve the key components of the golf swing like rotational mobility, stabilization, core strength and power.

Fitness: Main Topics

Golf fitness training programs and exercise videos for players at every level. Taught by world-class instructors like Don Saladino and Dr. Ara Suppiah. Use our fitness programs to improve your overall wellness and, of course, play the best golf of your life.
Building a strong core is an important aspect to having a solid, consistent golf swing. Get the best tips and exercises to improve your core strength from Tour pros like Justin Rose and Fitness experts like Don Saladino here on GolfPass.
Stretching is key to creating and maintaining a fluid golf swing. Get the top stretches, specific for golfers, that will help keep your body flexible and improve your overall golf game.
Get access to golf strength training drills that are designed specifically for golfers to help you hit the ball farther. Add more power and flexibility to your game from top fitness coach, Don Saladino and tour pros like Dustin Johnson, Rory McIlroy and Bryson DeChambeau.

Tim Burke Stretching Tip

Tim Burke is a 2-time World Long Drive champion and he wants to help you prepare to hit the ball farther by properly stretching before you play golf or workout.

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