Iron Play

Ball-striking and great iron play is critical to shooting low scores. Learn from our world class instructors and top pros like Collin Morikawa, Rory McIlroy and Jon Rahm on how to become a great ball-striker.

Recent Iron and Ball-Striking Tips

Strike Like The Pros

Get the "face in place" on the downswing and strike your irons like the pros with this tip from Andrew Rice.

  • 'Brush' the ground with your wrists at impact
  • Utilize body rotation to strike it consistently pure
Common Iron and Ball-striking Questions

How do you hit an iron correctly?

Obviously there is more than one way to hit flush iron shots, but proper impact is a good place to start. To help you re-conform your iron swing and become a ball-striking machine, here is a list of some great drills and tips.
1. Clay Ballard's T-line ball-striking drill is a fan favorite that will help you hit flush iron shots consistently.
2. This Solid Iron Contact episode from The Golf Fix is a great way to improve all aspects of your iron play.
3. One way to hit iron shots correctly is by controlling the trajectory. Martin Chuck explains how this can be done in this tip.

How do I hit my irons farther?

We all want distance with the driver first and foremost, but hitting your irons farther and higher gives you a huge advantage on approach shots. Clay Ballard provides a handful of tips on GolfPass that will help you hit your irons farther including The Power U Drill and this tennis racket tip that will help you compress the ball better at impact. If you are looking to sequence your iron swing better this drill from Aimee Cho will help you hit longer, higher iron shots.

How do you hit long irons?

Some of the hardest clubs to hit are long irons. In this segment from Ask Rory, Rory McIlroy explains his setup and swing thought keys to hitting long irons consistently. And in this segment he breaks down the changes he makes when hitting long irons from the rough. Here's a quick list of a few more tips that may help you out!
1. Sweep your long irons properly with this Aimee Cho tip.
2. Go back to the fundamentals with this long iron tip from Me and My Golf.
3. Maybe add more hybrids to the bag with this explanation and tip from Nathalie Sheehan in Breaking 100.

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